Non-Triple Warranty(for China Dometstic market)
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1Faults Caused By User Failure To Use, Maintain And Adjust According To The "Instructions For Use"

2User Self-Repairing And Refitting Cause Damage, And Self-Decomposition, So That The Original State Of The Fault Is Destroyed, And It Is Unable To Carry Out Technical Identification And Analysis Of The Fault.

3Faults Caused By Improper Use Or Custody Of Users Or Accidents.

4Vehicles Without Warranty Cards, Valid Sales Notes Or Ticket Cards

5Fragile Parts And Consumables Are Not Allowed To Be Packaged In Three Packages (E.G. Flywheel, Bearing, Saddle, Support, Locks, Lamps, Fuses, Brake Skins, Brake Lines, Spokes, Bulbs, Rearview Mirrors, Carbon Brushes, Reflecting Mirrors, Plastic Parts And PP Parts Belonging To The Non-Three-Pack Period Are Not Allowed To Be Packed In Three Packages).

6Disassemble The Parts By Oneself Outside The Scope Of The Instructions.

7Self-Repairing Projects Without The Consent Of The Special Maintenance Unit.

8The Quality Guarantee Period Of The Parts That Have Been Repaired And Replaced During The Warranty Period Is Still Calculated According To The Original Three-Package Period.

Standard Warranty for World Market:

  1. With free spare parts for after-sale warranty

  2. Special situation can discussed with us for in details

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