Yikuda Tech always endeavor into new styles electric vehicle design and produce and try best to offer more models with high quality and nice looking for customers.

Parts quality inspection:

When parts enter the company, the quality inspection department needs to conduct the first sampling inspection of each batch of parts to ensure that the parts entering the company are high-quality products.

The inspection of each component is done with the highest quality standards. Avoiding inferior parts from entering the production plant is the working principle of every parts quality inspector.

Parts scientific storage:

The paperless office is adopted in an all-round way, and there are rigid standards for the production date and barcode of each component. The barcode corresponds to the production supplier, place of origin, and production date, so that each component is well documented.

At the same time of storage, the system will perform regional positioning and division of parts, so that production pickers can quickly find the parts they need, and comprehensively improve production efficiency.

Material warehouse:

In order to effectively and quickly complete a high-quality product, the storage location of each component is divided, and the components are arranged neatly.

At the same time, in order to reduce the quality problems of later products, the products will be sampled twice a day to ensure that consumers get a safe and reliable YIKUDA electric vehicle.

Frame inspection and installation:

The frame is the core of the vehicle support, just like the skeleton of the human body. If there is a problem with the frame, there will be a huge safety hazard during operation.

YIKUDA adheres to the working principle of taking the safety of consumers as its responsibility, and conducts a comprehensive inspection of the solder joints, thickness and structure of each frame. Comprehensively reduce vehicle safety hazards.

The work of frame installation is even more strict. Every screw must be tightened and killed without any looseness. A set of frame can only be installed by one installer. If there is looseness or quality problems during the inspection, all the responsibility will be on the person.

The assembler maintains every screw and every detail with a dedicated and serious work attitude every day.

Assembly production line:

For a YIKUDA electric vehicle, the quality requirements for each component are just the beginning.

For each assembly line, it is necessary to ensure that the lights can illuminate every corner, and every installer can see every small detail during the installation process.

The installation master's orderly and dedicated work takes tightening every screw and clamping every buckle as the core of the work, and perfectly completes his own production process.

With the requirements of high-quality parts and perfect production process, every one produced by YIKUDA is a high-quality electric vehicle.

The most important checkpoint vehicle inspection:

The vehicle quality inspection master will carry out strict inspection on each electric vehicle that has just been produced.

Debug the vehicle's lighting, power, wiring, shock absorption, and performance, and record and correct problems in a timely manner.

The vehicle quality inspection master said: Although our company has high requirements for parts and production, we can't relax. Because no matter how high the requirements and the high quality, there will always be mistakes. Our job is to avoid every omission. We are the last gate of the product, we have to be responsible to consumers, and we must strictly grasp it.

YIKUDA's rigorous work attitude, every worker upholds the spirit of craftsmanship and strictly demands himself.

YIKUDA's requirements for products are not only high quality, but also responsible for consumers.

The quality inheritance of YIKUDA stems from the rigor and seriousness of every production worker!

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