How To Ride An Electric Bike Under The New National Standard
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Can An Overqualified Electric Bicycle Still Go On The Road?

For The Production And Marketing Links, From May 15 Last Year To April 14 This Year, There Has Been A Nearly One-Year Transition Period; In Use, Most Places, Including Beijing, Have Also Stipulated A Transition Period Of Three To Five Years, During Which Non-Standard Vehicles Can Also Be Used, And After The Transition Period, The Phase-Out Will Be Eliminated. Well, It Shouldn't Cause Too Much Damage.

How To Balance Speed And Safety?

Cheng Shidong: Combining Law Enforcement Punishment With Safety Education

Cheng Shidong, Director Of Urban Traffic Center, Institute Of Integrated Transport, National Development And Reform Commission: The Speed Limit Of 25 Kilometers Per Hour Under The New National Standard Is Higher Than The Earliest 15 Kilometers Standard. It Should Be Said That In Order To Meet People's Demand For Speed, It Increases Certain Security Risks. This Requires That Cyclists Must Be Aware Of Safety, Obey Traffic Rules And Wear Helmet As Much As Possible. At The Same Time, Law Enforcement Should Keep Up With Not Only The Fines For Car Arrest When Problems Are Found, But Also The Aims Of Education Through Law Enforcement. Nanning, Guangxi, Has Set Up A Lot Of Educational Spots In The City. It Is Found That Running A Red Light Will Let You Go To Nearby Educational Spots And Watch Video Of Accidents Caused By Various Electric Bicycles For Two Hours. It Is Very Alert. This Way Of Combining Law Enforcement Punishment With Safety Education Is Very Good.

Chen Yanyan: Technology-Guided Industrial Upgrading To Meet People's Needs

Chen Yanyan, Dean Of Urban Transportation College Of Beijing University Of Technology: For Example, Through The Progress Of New Battery Energy, Offset The Impact Of Weight Restriction On Power; Through Intelligent Technology, Improve Vehicle Safety Braking Capacity, Improve The Corresponding Safety; And Relatively Hot Vehicle Networking Technology, Automatic Driving Technology, Etc., Can It Also Bring Revolutionary To Electric Bicycles? Change, Which Is The Direction We Can Think About And Explore, Is To Achieve Safer And More Convenient Through The Combination Of Technological Progress And Management System.

Cheng Shidong: Promoting The Safety And Facility Of Travel With Management As The Main Guidance And Assistance

Cheng Shidong, Director Of Urban Traffic Center, Institute Of Integrated Transport, National Development And Reform Commission: The So-Called Management Is Mainly Embodied In All Aspects Of Production And Sales, And Functional Departments Can Not Be Absent; The Guidance Is Embodied In More Details, Such As Protecting Electric Bicycles To Have A Better Travel Environment, Keeping The Lanes Continuous And Wide Enough, Not Being Occupied By Car Parking, And Providing Relative Convenience. It Is Beneficial To The Parking Place And Charging Environment, So As To Improve The Safety And Convenience Of The Whole Electric Bicycle Travel.

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