2 electric cargo tricycles with a load of over 1000 kilograms, solid and durable, can ride for 10 years
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In recent years, three-wheeled motorcycles have rarely been seen on the road. Instead, electric tricycles with heavy-duty compartments have been used. Today, we will introduce 2 types of electric tricycles for pulling goods. The load is over 1,000 kilograms. Let's take a look at the performance configuration.

The appearance adopts the electrophoresis whole car paint process of the automobile industry. After the electrophoresis paint is applied, the whole car is sprayed with outer paint. The double-layer paint is more durable. The body of the truck design structure, the iron sheet is thicker than the general car, the strength is good, the bearing capacity is strong, the load can reach 1800 catties, and it can be ridden for 10 years. Thickened and wide seats make driving more comfortable.

Let's take a look at the power and battery life. The car is equipped with an automatic shifting motor, which matches the 18-tube controller dedicated to electric tricycles. The maximum can be configured with a 60V45AH lead-acid battery, which can run about 60 kilometers. Of course, how far is the cruising range? It depends on factors such as weather temperature, load, climbing, etc. Proper maintenance can prolong the service life.

Other configurations, the vehicle adopts Jaguar hydraulic front fork, rear 5 leaf springs for shock absorption, which can effectively reduce the bumpy feeling of driving on rural roads; the height of the installation position of the handbrake is increased by 330mm to realize parking without bending; LED energy-saving high-brightness The lights are added with left and right auxiliary lights, making it safer to drive at night.


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