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The company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "winning by quality", constantly innovating the marketing management system, relying on professional production experience and advanced technology to continuously improve the quality, and has made remarkable achievements in the industry and society. The company has won the honors of "qualified products", "consumer trustworthy unit", "consumer trustworthy product", "3.15 quality and reputation guarantee commitment unit", "made in China, trustworthy" key publicity unit of quality ten thousand mile travel activity, "popular electric vehicle brand", "famous trademark" and so on. Enterprises adhere to the "people-oriented", respect, understand, care, care for employees, uphold the "enterprise is the family of employees, employees are the owners of the enterprise" concept, and strive to build a united, positive and upward team. The employment of employees adheres to the principle of "appointing people to be virtuous" and fully exploits the potential of employees. The company creates a relaxed growth environment for all kinds of employees at all levels.


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